Review: Pulidos Bakery Dublin


Bom Dia!

This weekend we travelled north of the River Liffey for an extra special treat. In Dublin it can be quite hard to find a place that does nice cakes and coffee when you’re feeling peckish after 5pm, because most coffee places will be closing by then. Fortunately Pulido’s Bakery on Bolton Street (D1) is open until 8pm and serves the most delicious Brazilian cakes and sweets! When entering their small but cosy bakery you are greeted with a big smile and the girl behind the counter takes the time to talk you through all the desserts on offer.  Between a Nutella cake, Churros and Brigadeiro it was hard to choose, but in the end we chose the ‘Bolo de leite ninho’, an apparently famous Brazilian cake made with ‘powered milk’ as the girl behind the counter explained to us (and not ‘power milk’, as we initially thought!).

When the cake and our drinks (a cappuccino and a big chamomile tea) arrived we dug in straight away. The cake was very enjoyable, it was a simple cake just like we wanted, not too dry, not too sweet, simply perfect with a nice hot drink! The great service and the varied selection of cakes that you can’t find at your corner bakery, makes this a place we will definitely visit again!

(Pulido’s Bakery, 61 Bolton Street, D1, 9am-8pm. The cake was €4.00 each)

Romana Burchartz

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